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Welcome to Rainbow Livestock Waterers.....

Made in the USA

Automatic Horse & Livestock Waterers

Our Horse & Livestock Waterers are Easy to Install, Easy to Clean, and Easy to Maintain!

Stall Mounted

Rainbow Livestock Waterers are an outstanding and reliable Automatic Horse & Livestock Waterer - Perfect for your stall, paddock, or pasture. Easily connected to any water supply system. Heated Waterers Available.

These Waterers are easily mounted to any structure by bolt connection. There are no sharp edges to injure your animals and all materials are FDA Approved non-toxic for water consumption.

Paddock or Pen Mounted

Rainbow Horse & Livestock Waterers are made in the USA and built of top quality materials and the proven design features provide years of reliable trouble-free service, all while supplying your animals with a continuous supply of fresh water. These features along with their attractive appearance will only enhance the richness of your barn or paddock.


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Waterers Prices & Ordering Customer Comments Contact Us Links

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